Lesbian Visibility Awards

Is A Special Fundraiserfor Ukraine

We believe there is a need to organize this award ceremony focused on lesbians to promote lesbian visibility & foster role models. While LGBT awards are held all over the world, yet lesbians are too scarcely among the awardees.


Award categories:

Awards by EL*C for Visible Lesbians

Awards by the lesbian community for visible lesbians

Award by LesWorking for a visible lesbian in Spain

Allyship award by EL*C for an institution/funder or company dedicated to lesbian visibility

Lesbian Pioneer Award

Celebrate visible lesbians, foster solidarity and join EL*C's war relief efforts around Ukraine

Join us for the
first edition

Celebrate visible lesbians during a unique evening at the Tenerife Auditorium, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. We prepared a proper red-carpet Award Gala with discussions and spectacular performances!

Network & foster allyship around lesbian visibility while fundraising for war relief efforts in Ukraine.

  • location:
  • Tenerife Auditorium

War relief efforts

EL*C Actions in Support of Ukrainian LBT+

The Lesbian Visibility awards is a fundraising event dedicated for our current projects


In Ukraine

Supply of humanitarian aid to our member organization Insight:
• LGBTQI+ shelter in Lviv
• LGBTQI+ shelter in Chernivtsi


At the Polish border

Helpline and pick-ups;
4 LGBTQI+ safe houses;


In neighboring countries

Offering subgrants to ensure safe passage of LGBTQI+ refugees



To safe countries
through our lesbian hosting network